Artists Statement
December 2008

The world has been made familiar through photography. We are used to reading the landscape in particular ways. Traditionally the landscape, in photography (and art in general), has been used to evoke the sublime, to produce a sense of wonder, and, in New Zealand, to market the country overseas.

Landscape is a very human construction. We are the ones who have given it significance and meaning. Without us these spaces would still exist as they always have done. While our actions may alter the landscape it has the ability to bury the past, to hide from view events which may have occurred on its surface.

The works in Lost Places are not symbolic landscapes, rather very specific sites, which have a certain significance and resonance to a select few. They are sites of loss.

All works are optical colours handprints on Fuji Crystal Archive paper.

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Catalogue Text

A catalogue is currently available. Handmade limited edition of 20, signed and numbered.
Please contact me if you wish to purchase a copy - $60.

18 April 1983, 6.44am

Title: A killing in Waitara
In: Listener, 20 May 2000; v.173 n.3132:p.16-20

Title: The Chase case: in search of a future for tort?
In: Victoria University of Wellington Law Review, Sep 1990; v.20 n.4:p.255-285

26 May 1989, 7.32pm

Title: Karla's tribute
In: Dominion, 30 May 1995; p.1,6

Title: Karla Cardno murder evidence outlined
In: Dominion, 28 Sep 1989; p. 1, 3

Title: Karla's body found in beach grave
In: Dominion, 10 Jul 1989; p. 1

Title: Revenge; Manufacturing a martyr
In: Listener, 24 Feb 2001; v.177 n.3172:p.16-21

Title: Memories of Karla Cardno: the afterlife of a crime
In: North and South, Aug 1991; p. 82-91

Title: So others may be spared Karla's fate
In: New Zealand Woman's Weekly, 17 Dec 1990; p. 32-33

Title: Snapping the thin blue line
In: Evening Post, 26 Apr 1990; p. 27

Title: Karla Cardno: a candle in the wind
In: North and South, Sep 1989; p. 74-81

Title: Farewell Karla Cardno
In: Evening Post, 17 Jul 1989; p. 1, 3

Title: Man overdosed after interview
In: Dominion, 16 Jun 1989; p. 1

Title: Police divers to seek Karla's body in sea
In: Dominion, 14 Jun 1989; p. 1

Title: Police check positive lead in Karla inquiry
In: Dominion, 13 Jun 1989; p. 3

Title: Coast searched for Karla
In: Dominion, 8 Jun 1989; p. 3

Title: Cardno search extended to Eastbourne shoreline
In: Evening Post, 7 Jun 1989; p.10

Title: Stepfather joins in appeal over Karla
In: Dominion, 6 Jun 1989; p. 3

Title: Police appeal to abductor
In: Dominion, 5 Jun 1989; p. 1

Title: Karla's footsteps retraced
In: Dominion, 3 Jun 1989; p. 1

Title: Killer says sorry; choosing to forgive but not forget
In: Dominion post, 20 Oct 2007; p.A1,13

Title: Put the law in the dock - not Mark Middleton
In: Investigate, Apr/May 2001; v.2 n.11:p.14-15

Title: Thirst for revenge
In: Dominion, 31 Aug 1999; p.9

Title: Vile killer who must never be released
In: Dominion, 30 May 1995; p.6

Title: Court lifts Karla Cardno evidence suppression
In: Dominion, 11 Apr 1990; p. 1,3

Title: Dally says he does not know why
In: Dominion, 9 Mar 1990; p. 1,4

Title: Losing Karla
In: Sunday Star Times, 25 Mar 2001; p.C1,5

Title: Taita man charged in Karla case
In: Evening Post, 8 Jul 1989; p. 1

25 August 1991, 3.27am

Title: Speed caused friends' death
In: Dominion, 18 Mar 1992; p.6

8 May 1999, 3.49am

Title: Helpless boy seemed a born victim to brutal pair
In: New Zealand Herald, 6 Dec 1999; p.A13

Title: End of a lonely street
In: Evening Post, 15 May 1999; p.9

Title: Boy left by police later killed
In: Dominion, 11 May 1999; p.1

Title: Whittington murder guilty verdict
In: Express, 9 Dec 1999; p.3-4

Title: Theatrical memorial to a murdered teen
In: Dominion post, 14 Apr 2007; p.A16

13 January 2001, 3.52pm

Title: Victim's family: 'We get the life sentence'
In: Dominion, 25 Oct 2001; p.7

Title: Ex-husband praises slain woman
In: Dominion, 1 Jun 2001; p.7

Title: Friends farewell stabbing victim
In: Daily News (New Plymouth), 19 Jan 2001; p.2

Title: Murder charge after stabbing at picnic
In: Dominion, 15 Jan 2001; p.3

Title: Mum killed in front of picnickers
In: Sunday Star Times, 14 Jan 2001; p.A1

Title: Murder in the park
In: Evening Post, 27 Oct 2001; p.27

13 April 2002, 9.35am

Title: Jail term no solace to family; the murder without a motive
In: Dominion Post, 4 Mar 2003; p.A1, B5

Title: 'It was me - I done it': accused admitted riverside murder, court told
In: Dominion Post, 11 Feb 2003; p.A1

Title: Killer had better be sorry - Kate Alkema's brother
In: Evening Post, 20 Apr 2002; p.2

Title: The murder without a motive
In: Dominion post, 4 Mar 2003; p.B5

Title: Crime busters
In: Dominion, 26 Apr 2002; p.7

9 September 2003, 8.17am

Title: Williams guilty; every parent's nightmare; explosive rage led to murder
In: Wairarapa Times Age, 10 Dec 2003; p.1,4,5

Title: My heartbreak: life without Mickey Moo
In: Bay of Plenty Times, 11 Oct 2003; p.1,4

Title: 'Time bomb' exploded; Coral’s last agonies
In: Dominion post, 11 Dec 2003; p.B7

Title: Putting an end to the violence
In: Otago Daily Times, 17 Jul 2004; sup.p.1-2

Title: 15 years minimum; Williams sentenced for murder of Coral Burrows
In: Wairarapa Times Age, 5 Feb 2004; p.1

Title: A dad's anguish
In: Press, 14 Feb 2004; p.D1,6

Title: Child's death symptom of society's changing values
In: Otago Daily Times, 18 Nov 2003; p.15

Title: The hunt for Coral
In: Dominion post, 19 Sep 2003; p.B5

Title: Not present
In: Listener, 4 Oct 2003; v.190 n.3308:p.24

Title: When hope fails
In: New Zealand Herald, 13 Sep 2003; p.B1,3

Title: Wairarapa fights its brutal past
In: Dominion post, 16 Sep 2003; p.A5

Title: I hate what my son did - but I still love him
In: New Zealand Woman's Weekly, 1 Mar 2004; p.20-21

Title: Information provision and restriction: the roles of the police, media and public in coverage of the Coral-Ellen Burrows murder inquiry
In: Pacific journalism review, Apr 2007; v.13 n.1:p.161-181

Title: A grim business
In: New Zealand Herald, 20 Sep 2003; p.B1,3-5

Title: Slip-up over Coral call par for course
In: New Zealand Herald, 3 Nov 2003; p.A19

Records provided by Te Puna Search
A service of The National Library of New Zealand


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